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FRAME NUMBER : Z1F - 00041

The history of this bike is extraordinary.
The machine is Z1F-00041 serial number.

It is part of the first 101 series machines assembled in the month of August, 1972 : particularity, the engine block of these bikes has the same number as the framework.

In 1988, this machine was still in the U.S.A. It was bought to be brought back to France where she underwent a certification as isolated and... a first partial restoration.

At that time, the restoration of the Japanese bikes of the seventies was rare and complex : it went first to the dealer of the brand to order yet available spare parts catalogue.

« We have made KAWASAKI 900 cc “' Super 4” for experimented  drivers who feel avid and able to acquire a larger and more powerful than the other... motorcycles »

« It reflects the confidence of Kawasaki in its future owners who will use it with common sense and courtesy. »

General Manager division motorcycle K.H.I.
September 1972

Generally on this occasion that it understood the meaning of the word 'balance': one could for example order 4 exhaust of origin (4 separate references) only to receive, in general a few months later, as part of the order, in this case, one, two or three mufflers, the rest of the order being placed in balance.
And the balance could still last for months...

Difficult under these conditions to restore full and consistent...

2Once restored, Z1F-000041 was the subject of a story in the magazine MOTO  1 (No. 119, March 1993) :  motorcycle magazines in the Japanese collection were not legion at this time!

The bike has almost never worked, she joined a private collection where it is left exposed during fifteen years. It was there that I saw her for the first time, innate in the middle of a multitude of Suzuki of the 1970s.

In 2008, a fire destroyed this collection and the building that housed it.

Like most motorcycles that surrounded it, the Z1F-000041 partially burned and buried under the rubble following the collapse of the structure and the building floor - bikes were in the 1St floor.

Motorcycles as the rubble have then been cleared using lifting gear causing damage to the Z1F-000041 framework...

It is after these events and at the end of the procedure which followed, that I got this machine, or what remained.2E restoration work began.
After three years of work, the machine is finally over.

It was rebuilt in accordance with these specific time and wherever possible, with new original parts, rather than with remanufacturing parts.

This model of 1972 for the American market has the specifics in the U.S. of these vintage models :
  • Saddle strap-free
  • Short rear fender
  • Shock absorbers and fork legs with reflective systems
  • ”Full” tank master- cylinder
  • Folding footrests

Because of its serial number, Z1F-00041 has many peculiarities specific to the first machines built, features progressively later abandoned:
  • Foundry forks
  • Screw front brake caliper
  • Dispatcher front brake
  • Handlebar control Kit
  • Casting cylinder head
  • Cylinder head nuts
  • Cylinder head gasket
  • Foundry and compass cylinder block
  • Rings
  • Cam chain tensioner
  • Hollowed camshafts
  • By-pass oil
  • Clutch
  • Carburetors Foundry
  • Swing arm mounting
  • Rod brake AR
  • Secondary chain tensioners
Many parts are specific to this machine and are subject to a marking at the factory, allowing date and identifying - marking abandoned subsequently:
  • Rims
  • Front brake disc
  • Tees fork
  • Rear hub
  • Rear brake flange
  • Crankcases
  • Generator
  • Swingarm
  • Shock absorbers
  • Speedometer, tachometer (KPH)
  • Handlebar control Kit
  • etc...

Some parts and now missing or very expensive equipment, was reassembled on the bike:
  • spark plug covers
  • petrol petcock
  • oil tank (secondary chain)
  • 1st serie chain oil pump
  • user manual
  • toolkit
The bodywork is a genuine original 1972 in "rootbeer / orange" color : sheet metal and the shape of the tank are specific.

Original and vintage new parts on the bike:
  • complete wiring harness
  • turn signals + stems
  • complete front lighth
  • levers
  • foot rests (european)
  • handlebars + grips and mirrors
  • front fender
  • rear fender (plastic and metallic parts )
  • front and rear wheels (Tagasako)
  • shock absorbers
  • fork complete
  • passenger-loop
  • kick pedal
  • selector pedal
  • brake pedal
  • main stand + hollowed screws
  • counters + dashboard
New remanufacturing parts:
  • saddle
  • exhausts
A set of exhaust systems of origin (no acronyms, large baffles) is being restored.

8 9

The bike is equipped with new Dunlop F11 tyres imported from Japan.

This motorcycle usually exposed in my office, will be presented at the stand Kawasaki on the occasion of the Salon Moto Legend (16, 17, 18 November 2012).